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Lyrics Lagu T-max - Bad You

[Lyrics] Lagu T-max - Bad You Romanization
Chingudeuri haneun mal jal heeojyeotdae
Neoran yeoja cheoeumbuteo eoulliji anhasseo
Aesseo nareul wirohaejwodo neoreul yokhaedo
Neol ijeonaeneun ge swipjiga anha

Nal saranghaetjanha naega jotaetjanha
Ni malman mitgoseo nae mameul da jwonneunde ireoke naman apeujanha

Nappeun neol saranghaesseotda ajikdo neoreul mot ijeoseo unda
Maeil ni eolgulman tteoollimyeo unda geutorok miwodo neo ttaemune gaseum apado
Nappeun neol saranghaesseotda neol jugeul mankeum saranghaeseo unda
Jeongmal babogachi neoran yeojaman michige saranghaesseotdeon nae moseubeul huhoehanda

Sesange neolligo neollin ge yeojaya
Jigeumeun apado geumsae neol jiugo ijeul geoya nareul yokhaedo

Geu raedo na, cheoeum neol mannan ttaero doragado neol taekhaesseo, jigeum nacheoreom

[Lyrics] Lagu T-max - Bad You English

My friends say that I just broke up
That you did not hang her from the beginning
I want you to comfort me, all you have to listen
It's not easy to forget that you do not pay

I told you love me, I thought you liked
Believing the words I gave you all my heart, so you're hurting me

I still loved you, you can not forget ppeun cry
Remembering your face every day, crying because you hate so much heart ache
Bad enough to die for love I loved you cry
I love crazy silly little lady is you had to regret in my heart

She's got plenty of years
Now erase the wasted no time you'll forget me, all you

But I first met you favor, sometimes you go back, just like me now

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