Senin, 22 April 2013

Lyrics Lagu Ft. Island - Oh

[Lyrics] Lagu Ft. Island - Oh English
I don’t like you, Oh oh oh, I’m sick of you, Oh oh oh
Always about you, Oh oh oh oh, what happened to my angel?

It’s so tacky, Oh oh oh, your bare face, Oh oh
Please be nice, Oh oh , what happened to sexy you?

I keep forgetting about you, I keep getting distracted.
I imagine what would it be like without you.

I am free. I don’t know where I might fly away to.
Girls in this world are waiting for me. I start over.
Partying every night without feeling sorry, party all night.
When I meet a girl I really like, then that’s a blessing, absolutely.

She must have found out, oh oh oh. She is telling me good bye, oh oh oh.
My changed heart made my love cry.

She must have seen my heart. She must have felt upset.
What should I do if she really leaves me?

My heart drops onto the floor
I can see you clearly as if the fog has been lifted,
The day first saw you, the day I first kissed you, memory
That dream-like excitement when I hugged you in my arms, one fine day

Countless memories fall down as tears
I can’t live without you, please don’t go.

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